Thursday, September 24, 2009

Pre-Baby Motivation

Isn't it amazing that in the 6-12 weeks prior to a couple's first child being born, you experience motivation unlike any other time in your life to FINALLY do all of the things that you've been just talking about doing since the beginning of time! Some call it nesting ... I call it a gift from God who knows us even better than we know ourselves and realizes we need a little fire under our butts (sorry mom) to get moving and finally finish all those unfinished projects! Not that I can take credit. While I have been slaving away with designing a new blog :); my sweet husband has been slaving over power tools, doing the REAL work. Here is a list of all the things we have been able to accomplish in the last month(s):

1. Building a super-cool enclosed outdoor litter box for our cats, Abner and Freckles; complete with swinging door to inside the house for easy access and a hinged lid with handle for easy cleaning. So now all the kitty litter will be tracked off outside the house on their way back in so that sweet baby girl is not crawling around in litter! Way to go hubby!!

2. Painting and installing bead-board in the nursery.

3. "Elfa-ing" the baby's semi-walk-in closet.

4. Re-doing the baby's bathroom, including painting walls, cabinets, new toilet and accessories.

5. Kitchen make-over, including a new microwave installed over the stove, re-painting kitchen cabinets, a new kitchen table, new accessories, and other re-organizing.

6. Buying a new (used) family car!!

7. Putting together a long-term financial plan.

... and last but not least ...

8. Starting a new family blog!!

We still have not officially arrived at "completion" on all of these projects, but we are pretty darn close and still have 6 weeks before Emma is here!

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  1. LOVE IT!! and can't wait to celebrate Emma Star this weekend.

  2. I love that this came up on my Facebook reader. I will keep up with you now. :) I am excited about you becoming a momma. I just had my second this past July here in Peru. Pretty crazy huh!

    Your blog looks sooooo good.

  3. I'm so glad you have a blog! How fun to keep up with you and your family! I love the name you have chosen! You look great!

  4. Love the blog! Sharon did such a good job. Love all the remodeling of the house. Your dining room looks great! Can't wait to meet Miss Emma!

  5. Momma J says, "way to Momma to be. Mike and I are so excited. I tell everyone the count down date which happens to be 5wks 1day from today 10/01/09. Kitty litter trap??? Momma J needs to see this invention.

  6. I would love to build the same kitty litter contraption. You should sell the blueprints! Congratulations on your baby to be!!